Remote Colorful Cloud

I just finished working on a remote controlled, color changing cloud. Cloud can change colors to please your mood, for example there are presets like cloudy day, rain, storm, sandstorm or it can be used to notify you when you have received an email, message on facebook/twitter or any other social media event. Also it can be used to detect temperature, humidity in the room and based on that to change color (eg. blue = cold, yellow = warm, red = hot).
There are numerous options to customize this cloud. I would like to hear from you what would you like to see in this finished product when it’s released.
We’ve posted few pictures of our cloud below, more updates will follow as the project develops.

Cloud in action

BinHexDec Convertor

I needed a simple calculator/convertor to convert between Binary Decimal and Hexadecimal number system. I’ve created a very simple convertor in and I’m sharing it with you in case someone gets in the same spot as I was few hours ago 🙂

[FEATURES] Some features that might come in handy:
1. Double click on empty space to toggle window always on top
2. When you click on X application will be minimized to system tray
3. To close application completely make a double RIGHT CLICK on system tray icon.

Download [Download Page]
BinHexDec Convertor.exe [68Kb]
MD5: 026b40a5750a991df398064d49c811ff

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

Random Password Generator

Do you care about your security? Security of your online accounts? Your Facebook account, GMail account, Twitter account and others… What would you do if you lost them because your password wasn’t too good to protect them.

I have created Random Password Generator that allows you to create passwords that are complex and good enough to ensure that your account are protected from unwanted access and possible hacking. Please read the guidelines for good password creation and make sure your passwords are complex enough. If you can’t remember them, write them down and after you have used them for a few times you will be able to remember them just like you remember your current passwords. Password generator randomly selects letters, numbers and other symbols to generate completely random password that is generated only for you and no one else. There is no way to restore previously generated list so if you like any of the passwords that have been generated, write them down or they will be lost forever.

If you enjoy this application, share it. Also if you see any room for improvements, let me know.

Simple Stereo LED Light Show

This is the Light Show made from LEDs and few discrete components like resistors and transistors. It transforms audio signal into light signal with LEDs. We have used two types of LEDs, white and blue, each one for different sound channel (from stereo audio output).

Our prototype was first built on solder-less breadboard. Link to YouTube video

Components that are required for this build:
– 5 VDC regulated power supply (You can use your USB cabel)
– 2 NPN transistors (any transistors will work, we have used BC547 for our prototype) (for one channel)
– 1x300K resistor and 1x33K resistor (for one channel)
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JGSP NS for Android

JGSP NS is a very tiny Android application that brings time schedule for public transportation of Novi Sad to your fingertips. Application is very simple and plain to use, on start it asks you to pick a public transportation line that you would like to use, after that, another screen appears where you can see the time schedule for work days, Saturdays and Sundays. If you find yourself using a public transportation a lot, this tiny application might come in handy. And did I mention that it’s completely free and with NO ads. Below are some screenshots of the application and links for download.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Size: 110KB
Download : Android [apk] | Windows [exe]

PlusPon – Daily deal aggregator

The idea behind PlusPon project is that you don’t have to visit hundreds of daily deal sites just to find what you are looking for, instead you can visit that lets you search thousands of daily deal sites at once and lets you filter offers by region, category, price or any other way you want. All deals are displayed on the map where you can see how far from you they are, how long will they last and how much discount you get and ofcourse, option to buy that deal. The project is still in beta phase but you can take a peek at our Test Server to see the idea how it’s going to work when it’s done. If you have questions about the project please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

JGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje v2.1

JGSP Novi Sad - Red VoznjeJGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje i new and improved version of mini-program that fetches data from official JGSP Novi Sad site and show you only the relevant data about the Bus Line you have selected from the menu. Now program can remember what was the last line you have selected and on next start-up it automatically loads it.
You can keep this program in your Systray and when you need to find out when the next bus is leaving your station you just double-click the icon in you system-tray and the program will pop-up back.
This program is very tiny and has very low resources consumption (updates data every half hour and has no background processes) so you don’t have to worry about eating your resources or your internet bandwidth.

If you want to request a feature or have a suggestion please feel free to email it to me and I will make it in the next release.
Download Link: Download JGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje v2.1
Update: 03.06.2011. : Minor update to version 2.1.1 Continue reading “JGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje v2.1”

FTN – Online Library

FTN Online library is a like the name says online library for Faculty of Technical Science students.
It allows students to exchange e-Books and browse library shelves for books they are looking for and filter them by category and/or type.
Most of the books are in Serbian or English and they are for very useful to FTN E1 and E2 students but feel free to stop by and see if there is anything that might interest you.

Experimental City Map of Novi Sad

City MapCity Map of Novi Sad is interactive map of Novi Sad that shows pins of places of interests.
You can chose what type of locations you want shown or chose to show all of the locations.
Map is created using jQuery, PHP, MySQL and Google Maps API
This is the experimental version but still all of the functions are working fine.

Weather Tracker for Novi Sad

Weather TrackerI have created a PHP script that connects to weather server and retrieves real-time data about weather (temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed) in Novi Sad, Serbia.
Data is processed and stored in my DB for later parsing and presentation.
You can see real-time charts displaying weather changes in last 8 hours in Novi Sad on my MrdniSe Lab website.

Update: 08.06.2011. – New section that shows average data for the past 7 days has been added.