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JGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje v2.1

JGSP Novi Sad - Red VoznjeJGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje i new and improved version of mini-program that fetches data from official JGSP Novi Sad site and show you only the relevant data about the Bus Line you have selected from the menu. Now program can remember what was the last line you have selected and on next start-up it automatically loads it.
You can keep this program in your Systray and when you need to find out when the next bus is leaving your station you just double-click the icon in you system-tray and the program will pop-up back.
This program is very tiny and has very low resources consumption (updates data every half hour and has no background processes) so you don’t have to worry about eating your resources or your internet bandwidth.

If you want to request a feature or have a suggestion please feel free to email it to me and I will make it in the next release.
Download Link: Download JGSP Novi Sad – Red Voznje v2.1
Update: 03.06.2011. : Minor update to version 2.1.1

In case you have downloaded this program from another site, please check CRC check-sum to see if someone has been modifying this application.
CRC32: ED804B80
MD5: 30D5FFE9835196725CE531FE44BC6166
SHA-1: 462A2A2662C10A93E327A7108104D181787113F0

————– Change Log ————–
** v2.1.1 **
– Added menu for Notification Icon
– Added support for choosing bus schedule for work day, Saturday or Sunday
– On start-up program checks if there is newer release of program available

** v2.1 **

– Code modified for new JGSP script
– Icon changed

** v2.0 **
– Program size decreased
– Code rewritted completely
– New bus routes added

** v1.1 **
– Memory usage decreased to minimum
– New bus routes added
– Notification icon added

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