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BinHexDec Convertor

I needed a simple calculator/convertor to convert between Binary Decimal and Hexadecimal number system. I’ve created a very simple convertor in and I’m sharing it with you in case someone gets in the same spot as I was few hours ago 🙂

[FEATURES] Some features that might come in handy:
1. Double click on empty space to toggle window always on top
2. When you click on X application will be minimized to system tray
3. To close application completely make a double RIGHT CLICK on system tray icon.

Download [Download Page]
BinHexDec Convertor.exe [68Kb]
MD5: 026b40a5750a991df398064d49c811ff

Any comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

One Comment

  1. yugal
    yugal 8. November 2015.

    very usefull thanks

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