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Random Password Generator

Do you care about your security? Security of your online accounts? Your Facebook account, GMail account, Twitter account and others… What would you do if you lost them because your password wasn’t too good to protect them.

I have created Random Password Generator that allows you to create passwords that are complex and good enough to ensure that your account are protected from unwanted access and possible hacking. Please read the guidelines for good password creation and make sure your passwords are complex enough. If you can’t remember them, write them down and after you have used them for a few times you will be able to remember them just like you remember your current passwords. Password generator randomly selects letters, numbers and other symbols to generate completely random password that is generated only for you and no one else. There is no way to restore previously generated list so if you like any of the passwords that have been generated, write them down or they will be lost forever.

If you enjoy this application, share it. Also if you see any room for improvements, let me know.

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