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DIY House Plants Watering System // Part 1: Sensor Board

Build watering system for house plants. In part one of this video series, we will create a sensor that measures soil moisture, ambient temperature and light.

All source files are open-source open-hardware and available at GitHub:


  1. Carmen Anfuso
    Carmen Anfuso 1. March 2021.

    Can we buy that sensor? I have been trying to figure this same thing out and so far I love what your saying. Very interested in the next two parts to this system.

    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 2. March 2021.

      Thanks Carmen! At the moment I’m not selling these. However, I’m making everything open-source and open-hardware. My hope is that enough people will be able to make their own, and maybe PCB shops like PCBWay, SeeedStudio or other will decide to offer cheap “clones” online. 🙂

  2. Percy
    Percy 14. March 2021.

    Finally, a superior design to the landfill-bound junk pushed out by the usual suspects in the far east. Destruction of the device due to electrolysis will be your first headache on the long-term usage (my experience) however I have not tested out the usual advice of switching off the device between reads to extend their lives.
    Most people, like me, will use this device outside in raised beds, “veg trugs” and the like, as well as “Earthtainer” like systems – as these are the easiest to ignore 😉
    I like what you’ve done. Good work.

    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 14. March 2021.

      Hey Percy! Thank you for your kind words. I started designing this system for my own use with potted plants that sit on a window “shelf” but I see there is interest to use this project with different setups. With that said, at some point I might release additional variations of the sensors (WiFi, battery powered, solar cell etc.). But I have to first finish the initial version of the system, upgrades will follow after. 😀

      p.s. After Googling “veg trugs” and “Earthtainer”, this is somewhat similar to what I have for my potted plants. So hopefully this system provides a drop-in solution for people using them. 🙂

  3. Nacho
    Nacho 15. March 2021.

    Your sensor traces excitation circuit has a DC component, which will in the long term cause corrossion. Better add a series capacitor maybe.

    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 15. March 2021.

      Hi Nacho! Thank you for the suggestion. In the final state I plan on turning everything off between readings, so hopefully that slows down any unwanted side effects. 🙂

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