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DIY Eink Gadget

In this project we have built a Multifunctional Eink Gadget that can work as multiple different “things”. As an example we have implemented a 6, 12, 20 sided dice feature and also a simple hero dashboard. While this project is a very simple example on how you could use eink display in very low power application, you can easily take it as a starting point and expand it even further. The board also has a Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities, so it is possible to communicate with other devices and also integrate everything into a much bigger system.

As always, the entire project is open-source and open-hardware, which means you can recreate the project or use it as a starting point for your custom-awesome camera slider.

I suggest you watch the video to get the general idea about the project and hopefully it will answer some questions you may have. All the source files, build steps and build instructions are available here in the GitHub repository.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to post pictures of what you have built.

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