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DIY House Plants Watering System // Part 3: Automation

Build watering system for house plants. In part three of this video series we will create automation for our system.

All source files are open-source open-hardware and available at GitHub:


  1. Roger Kolasinski
    Roger Kolasinski 16. February 2022.

    Hi. I love your videos, especially the latest on the dry box controller and the house plant watering.

    I just thought of a joke now – if only you could design a system that uses the water recovered from the dry-box project to water to he houseplants! ?

    Anyway, since the pcbs in your project are relatively inexpensive at volume – say 100 pcs – would you give permission for someone to duplicate your files and sell them for a nominal charge to cover postage and the padded envelope? I’d like to do that in the US (so no customs fees to complicate the price) I’d like to add about $5.00 per order up to “x” quantity, just to allow the greatest number of parts in a bag without exceeding the postage cost balance. I’d probably sell them on ETSY. Thoughts? Permission?

    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 16. February 2022.

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

      I don’t think there is enough humidity in the air to extract it and water the plants. But hey, maybe I can build a humidifier too. 🙂

      Regarding making boards available for purchase. I have a plan to work with PCB fab house that would make it possible for anyone to order one. There has to be an excellent quality control process as well as support and RMA channel. Otherwise it’s not acceptable. So in summary, it has to be done right which takes time and finding the right partners. It’s not ready yet but I’m working on it. 🙂

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