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Fancy Article Loader – WordPress Plugin

Why would users who have JavaScript enabled wait for the page to re-load just to see the rest of your post?
It drains more bandwidth, it sometimes can be extremely slow, and most of the users don’t have the patience or time to just read every post instead they just scroll until they reach the end of the page.

As I noticed WordPress comes with preloaded jQuery library so I’ve developed a Fancy Article Loader plugin that loads rest of the page via AJAX request so your users don’t have to click on the link and wait for the page and images to load again just to see the rest of the story.

So to describe this plugin in one sentence.
When user clicks on MORE link it will remove the MORE link and replace the part of the article with the full article, allowing the user to read the full article without reloading the page.

What are the benefits?
Well when users scroll trough your blog and find the article they like, they can read it and when they come to the MORE link, just click it and read the rest of the post just like they have opened the read more link. Also I’ve managed to preserve your URLs in case they are SEO optimized and your MORE text is also preserved.

Download Fancy Article Loader
Download Link

If you like this plugin or have any suggestions please hit me with the comment

If you want to see this plugin in action click the more link below. 😉
If you don’t see the more link it is because you are viewing the full post so go to homepage and click more.

Very Simple, this plugin loads the rest of your post via AJAX request so your users don’t have to wait for the page to reload.
It saves time, nerves, bandwidth and mouse scroll/clicks 🙂
Hope you like my plugin. If so, please leave me a comment. Suggestions or feature requests are always welcome! 🙂

[updated in v1.18]
* Tweaked to be fully compatible with WordPress v3.0
* Loading links hide after the post is loaded
* Minor speed optimizations

[updated in v1.17]
* Absolute path in includes and functions.
* Tweaked post filter priority. It should be more compatible with some custom themes.

[updated in v.1.16]
* jQuery is initializing in noConflict() mode so plugin won’t cause any trouble with other libs.
* Added ability to specify the name of the DIV in which you would like the full post to be loaded.
* Added ability to let plugin know if your theme has jQuery loaded so it can prevent double-loading.
* Added `Fancy Article Loader` page to settings in admin page.


  1. Luca
    Luca 11. June 2010.

    In my opinion it has only one defect (from the point of view of a site owner): loading an article makes the adsense change, in this case it remains the same, so less clicks

  2. Ljungwall
    Ljungwall 11. June 2010.

    Looks GREAT! 😀

    Put a demo on this page too! I got directed to this page from, and didn’t see any MORE link. Somewhat confused I headed over to HOME, and found it there.

    I’ll certainly try it out on my own blog one of the nearest days. Thanks a lot! 😀


  3. Marcell Almeida
    Marcell Almeida 12. June 2010.

    Is not working here, should I put some code at my post?

  4. Jess
    Jess 12. June 2010.

    Hi, could you add an option to display the full post in another div?
    In that way one could have a grid layout with short excerpts and more tags that when clicked show the article in another “full-post-area”…
    Great plugin!

  5. Sasa Karanovic
    Sasa Karanovic 14. June 2010.

    I will add the Link to the demo page so people can test it there in various settings. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Well I agree but It’s not always true that adsense doesn’t get clicks. Because if you put adsense INSIDE your post it will get change when user clicks *more* link because plugin sends AJAX request to the background script that asks WP to just generate that POST again with full content. And since your adsense is INSIDE the post, it will be changed/registered as a click. At least that’s the theory.

    Also if you have suggestion how to fix this to work with other adsense placements please let me know because I would love to make improvements to this plugin. 🙂


  6. Mike
    Mike 14. June 2010.

    I have had to remove this plug in as it doenst work – when clicking ‘read the rest of this article’ it just says loading but doesn’t load the rest of the article – I am afraid I have no idea why. In theory the plug in looks great and I wish we could have the same functionality.

  7. Sasa Karanovic
    Sasa Karanovic 15. June 2010.

    I have added admin page in version 1.16 where you can set if you want plugin to load jQuery lib and specify external div for loading the full article if you want to.

    I hope you like it. I’ve also changed some parts of the code to avoid possible conflicts with other libraries or plugins.

    Please download the new version and see if works on your blog. If not please feel free to contact me and ask for help.


  8. Thomas K.
    Thomas K. 15. June 2010.

    Thank you very much for this great Plugin. Its al help for all readers. The load times to the articles are reduced very much. Its one of the Plugins for my Blog!

  9. Thomas K.
    Thomas K. 15. June 2010.

    *Its one of the best Plugins for my Blog! 😛

  10. Jess
    Jess 19. June 2010.

    V. 1.18 breaks functionality when using preloaded jQuery on 3.0 (1.17 was fully functional). Setting the plugin to load jQuery restores functionality.
    Has this happened to anyone else?

  11. Jess
    Jess 19. June 2010.

    Feature request: right now I’m editing the plugin’s files to add code surrounding the more-link. Maybe this could be something to add to the settings panel, that way one could update the plugin without breaking the “hack”

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  12. Sasa Karanovic
    Sasa Karanovic 19. June 2010.

    It works fine for me and some others users who have confirmed that 1.18 works with wordpress 3.0.

    I don’t see why would anyone want to wrap some code around more link via plugin when you can define your more link look in your template and the plugin will fully preserve it.

  13. Jess
    Jess 20. June 2010.

    the_content strips out many tags, for example div tags.

    Right now I’m appending a div end-tag, a div tag and a span tag before the link and a span end tag after the link (as well as adding an onclick event to hide and show the external div).

    This would not be possible using the_content.

    But for some reason the first div-end tag is stripped out, any solution? (I can retract my feature request but would love to be pointed in the right direction)

    You can check out what I’ve done with it @

  14. budi | article loader
    budi | article loader 30. July 2010.

    my RSS feed turned into a full text, even though I have selected a setting for summmary

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