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My Twitter Timeline – WordPress Plugin

Sale's Twitter Timeline PluginSince I’ve noticed that many of the bloggers hang on the twitter and I wanted to experiment with WordPress plugins, I’ve created a very simple yet effective Twitter time-line plugin [download link].

When you upload plugin to your plugins directory you will get “Sale’s Twitter Plugin” page at your Admin Panel -> Settings page where you can edit how many tweets to display from your timeline, from which username and the title of your sidebar widget. Yes it comes with the widget, so you don’t have  to edit every theme you have just to show your tweets. 😉

After you activate plugin and finish with settings page, go to your Appearance->Widgets page in Admin Panel and add Sale’s Twitter Widget to your sidebar. Now visit your home page and you will notice that your tweets are being displayed just the way you wanted. 🙂

If you have any suggestions or questions hit me with a comment or email me.
Download the Sale’s Twitter plugin now!


  1. Ponana
    Ponana 25. September 2011.

    Nice plugin….thanks

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