New project – Sensor board for smart home

*sarcasm* Thanks to the Serbian customs services and Serbian post office, my boards that have spent more than 3 weeks waiting for customs to clear them, have finally arrived. *end sarcasm* These PCB-s are a part of much bigger project that I am currently working on and I have been waiting for them waaaay too long. Boards are designed to … Continue Reading →

Clock in normal light

Bedroom Clock – Firmware update

Lately I got more and more emails from people asking me if I could modify the firmware of the Bedroom clock I made last year to implement an easier way to adjust the time/date. In Firmware v2 H and M buttons have the following functions: H : This button will cycle selection trough hour, min, day, month and year. Current … Continue Reading →

C# App Sample Plot 2 - 5V 1A Power Adapter

USB Power supply Active Load Tester

USB Power supply Active Load Tester or short PAL Tester is unit designed for testing the quality of the power supplies. Idea was to create low-cost, precise device for simultaneous measurement of Voltage and Current drawn from the device under test. This is one of my weekend projects that I have decided to release to the public. All source files … Continue Reading →

Powersupply Active Load

Power Supply Active Load Tester – Open Source Open Hardware project

I’m working on a new weekend project that will be released as soon as I finish the Windows application and it will be released as open-source open-hardware project. The uber-cryptic title stands for “Power-supply Active Load tester”. Recently I was in need for a simple device that will draw reasonably precise amount of current from my power supply unit under … Continue Reading →


Mini project: Heartbeat Keychain

Heartbeat keychain is intended to be a small gift that your loved one can carry with her/him wherever she/he goes. Basically top side of the PCB is touch sensitive and has one RGB LED. When the exposed copper on the top side is touched, the microcontroller detects it and begins to pulse the LED in the heartbeat like pattern. Bill … Continue Reading →

Wordpress Issues

WordPress Issues

Recently we had some issues with WordPress and WordPress theme so we had to temporary switch to another theme and disable some of the advanced functions of the website, but all posts, images and videos are still available and online for you to view and enjoy. New content is coming soon so stay with us!

Populated board - Top Side

PIC18F45K50 Development Board

Last week I designed myself a development board for PIC18F45K50. Goal was to design a basic PCB for TQFP microcontroller package. Even thou I made a mistake by sending old Gerber data to fabrication house, the board still looks and works great. 🙂 Microcontroller is really nice, with 32KB of program data, 2KB or RAM, full-speed USB and lots of … Continue Reading →

Clock in normal light

Build Small Bedroom Clock from scratch in under 4hours

First, maybe you should see a little demo on YouTube to see how this thing looks in action… Before we start… I wanted to make this project for myself, and since this is very simple project, I placed a challenge to complete it in shortest time possible and make it work as I intended to. From idea to finished product … Continue Reading →


Custom RGB LED strip controller

This weekend I have found some RGB LED strip laying around so I decided to build custom RGB LED strip to decorate my room. The RGB controller that I’ve built is based on Microchips PIC16F1455 microcontroller. It works as ambient light in my room and also there is an option to use it as mood light (random change of colors … Continue Reading →


Hard and Soft 2013

Hard & Soft is a contest for senior students of Computer Hardware and Software Engineering who will work on an unseen task over a period of five days in teams of four. Contestant Knowledge Requirements The Hard and Soft contest has a focus on topics that require a close link between hardware and software in computers and ICT, to be … Continue Reading →