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Sasa Karanovic Posts

Announcing VU1 Dials at Computex 2023

I am beyond excited to announce that this year at Computex 2023 trade show you will be able to see VU1 Dials live at Streacom booth!

For those of you who are not familiar, VU1 Dials project is an “evolution” of the Analog Dashboard project from late 2019. Shortly after that Audiophile Style did a CAPS Twenty project which used the same gauges for their build and incorporated them into Streacom DB4 enclosure.

The VU1 dials project is being developed in collaboration with Streacom and was inspired by project CAPS project which used analogue dials to show network, RAM, CPU and GPU activity.

The initial idea was to create a similar kit to display standard PC hardware information and announce it at the Computex 2020 trade show. Unfortunately Computex 2020 was canceled because of the pandemic. But that did not stop us! We continued to work on the project and it quickly evolved into a highly flexible and more versatile product that was capable of relaying virtually any information from any source.


DIY Eink Gadget

In this project we have built a Multifunctional Eink Gadget that can work as multiple different “things”. As an example we have implemented a 6, 12, 20 sided dice feature and also a simple hero dashboard. While this project is a very simple example on how you could use eink display in very low power application, you can easily take it as a starting point and expand it even further. The board also has a Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities, so it is possible to communicate with other devices and also integrate everything into a much bigger system.

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DIY Camera Slider

Camera slider is a great tool that in the hands of a great video maker allows them to create amazing time-lapse videos, move the camera to follow the subject or move the camera around to highlight a fixed subject. Unfortunately, I am not a great video maker. However I am a maker and making my own camera slider sounds like a ton of fun! That is why I decided to make my own WiFi enabled camera slider. Using the 2020 Aluminium extrusion and few off-the-shelf components allows the camera slider to be as long or as short as we need it, while being very sturdy and also lightweight for carrying around or mounting on a tripod. We can then use built in WiFi connectivity to control and program the camera slider to have a very precise and repeatable camera movements.


DIY Filament Dry Box

In the past, I’ve used several filament dry boxes, but none of them had all the features that I wanted or even what I thought every filament dry box should have by default. So I decided to make my own. As always all the source files are available in case you decide to build one for yourself. But either way, you can watch the video and maybe pickup few ideas and improve on them. So, let’s make an awesome controller for 3D printing filament dry box!