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Hard and Soft 2013

Hard and SoftHard & Soft is a contest for senior students of Computer Hardware and Software Engineering who will work on an unseen task over a period of five days in teams of four.

Contestant Knowledge Requirements

The Hard and Soft contest has a focus on topics that require a close link between hardware and software in computers and ICT, to be successful teams need to demonstrate a broad spectrum of skills in these areas by creating a well-engineered and imaginative solution to the contest task.

Typical topics included in the task are:

Microprocessor and embedded system design
Software and hardware development environments
Application of structured programming techniques, data structures and
algorithms in, for example, C/C++, Java, Linux…
PC interfacing for data gathering and control
Web programming, HTML
Mobile devices and Apps
Graphics, DSP, RFID, secure wireless data transfer
Design with sensors, analogue and digital circuits
Presentation and documentation skills for expert and non-expert audience

I had the opportunity to present the University of Novi Sad at Hard and Soft 2013 competition.
List of participating teams can be found here and our finished project demo is recorded and uploaded to YouTube so you can check it out.

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