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BattleShips – Online Multiplayer RPG

BattleShips is Online Multiplayer RPG/Turn-based game that you can play with your friend, colleague, neighbor or anyone you like. I designed and programmed this game while I was bored at school. It is very simple and most likely you have played this board game while you were a kid or just bored in the classroom 🙂
In case you haven’t heard about Battleships game, here is the short description for you. It is a game where two players place their “ships” on square 10×10 board. You have 1x 5blocks destroyer, 2x 4blocks cruiser, 3x 3blocks medium ship, 4x 2blocks small battleships and 5x 1block scout ships . When all ships are placed, players start to attack each other by guessing the position of the ship on the board. If the ship is discovered and hit, you have another turn, if you miss you lose your turn.  Game is played until one of the players has no more ships left.

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