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CCMS – Clean CMS

For the past week or two I’ve been developing my very own CMS. It’s based on PHP, SQL and AJAX. Currently it’s in the closed beta phase of development but soon as I finish some things and squash some bugs I hope I’ll post it here so you can use it and support it. This CMS in the first realize will not have any design, so you can apply your theme to the CMS and since the PHP and Design are divided by the template engine it will not be a problem to customize it. I’m really tired now, It’s 04:15 AM and I’m really tired and probably mistyping like hell but what a hell. 🙂

As soon I get some free time I’ll post some demos, specifications etc.

And yes I’ve almost forgot, from now on the is running on Clean CMS and it took me about 30min to apply the old design to the new Clean CMS and about 5min to setup the CMS. 🙂

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