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New project – Sensor board for smart home

These PCB-s are a part of much bigger project that I am currently working on and I have been waiting for them waaaay too long. Boards are designed to house two I2C sensors, (almost any I2C sensor breakout board can fit onto dedicated headers), at the moment I am using Temperature+Humidity sensors, Pressure Sensors, Ambient Light sensors and few others on these boards. Also I am using PIC16F1829 microcontroller to do all the “magic” and nRF24L01+ for communication with the main unit that does storage, data analysis and communication with other parts of the project.

This is just a quick update to let you know what I’m working on lately.

As always you can download all the content from GitHub.


  1. Charlie
    Charlie 28. December 2016.

    Hi there! I’m a hobbyist playing around with PICs, and I’d love to get a couple PIC16F1825 PICs working with nRF24L01+ modules. Unfortunately I’m a bit of programming newbie so I’m finding it difficult to cobble together the libraries to communicate with the nRF modules via hardware SPI. Since the PIC16F1823 is basically a sibling to the PIC16F1829, can you offer some guidance? I’m using MPLAB X with XC8 compiler.


    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 30. December 2016.

      Hi Charlie. There are a lot of libraries for nRF24L01 out there. Also nRF24L01 is pretty simple chip with couple standard commands. You could write your own library if you want to learn or get familiar with the chip a bit more, or you can find a library for nRF and port ti to PIC. If you opt for second option, take a look at some most popular nRF libraries for Arduino or ARM, and port them to PIC. It’s fairly easy and straight forward. If you still have issues, let me know and I’ll help you whichever way I can.

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