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Tag: esp32

ESP32 IoT WiFi Remote for your TV

I keep losing my TV remote and then spend embarrassing amount of time searching for it… So I figured, obviously I’m not getting better at finding it, so I’ll make the TV remote better! 🙂 Enter ESP32 WiFi Remote.

As always, all the source files that you need to make one by yourself are available for download on GitHub.

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DIY ESP32/ESP8266 Nightlight for your room

In this video I’m going to show you how to build a night light or ambient light for your room, but you can use the same guide to light up your media room, book shelve, display case or anything else that you want to. This project is quick and super easy to build so it’s perfect weekend project. Also, all parts are easy to get and available off the shelf and end result is… awesome!

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