Project MonkeyPHP

MonkeyPHP – I’m trying to develop a website where people could find useful tutorials and applications that could inspire or help them. Anyone who is willing to make new applications (PHP MYSQL AJAX) is welcome. If you need more information or want to join, use the contact form.
Update: Project closed. Source code and projects uploaded to other open-source communities

Beta testers needed :)

Clean CMS is my Open Source CMS that is still in closed beta testing mode. It uses PHP and MySQL database. If you have ever tested or worked with some CMS I would greatly appreciate if you could sign up for a beta tester and give me some feedback about the CMS so I could make some adjustments and improvements. If you’r interested please contact me.
Update: Beta testing phase has ended. Thank you for your interest and help in creating Clean CMS

CCMS – Clean CMS

For the past week or two I’ve been developing my very own CMS. It’s based on PHP, SQL and AJAX. Currently it’s in the closed beta phase of development but soon as I finish some things and squash some bugs I hope I’ll post it here so you can use it and support it. This CMS in the first realize will not have any design, so you can apply your theme to the CMS and since the PHP and Design are divided by the template engine it will not be a problem to customize it. I’m really tired now, It’s 04:15 AM and I’m really tired and probably mistyping like hell but what a hell. 🙂

As soon I get some free time I’ll post some demos, specifications etc.

And yes I’ve almost forgot, from now on the is running on Clean CMS and it took me about 30min to apply the old design to the new Clean CMS and about 5min to setup the CMS. 🙂

Hi there ! :)

Hi there and welcome to my home page.
My name is Sasa Karanovic, I’m a web-designer and programmer from Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently attending studies at Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad, Serbia.

This is my home page, portfolio and my playground so I’m sure you will find all sort of stuff around here.

That’s it for now, enjoy your stay and come again! :)) Redesigned

As you may have noticed I have redesigned my website. The new theme is called ‘Sale on Vacation’ and I was inspired by the sea and sky of Spain.

While I was visiting Spain and Italy (08.09.2007. – 16.09.2007.) I had a chance to watch the beautiful blue sky and deep blue see that made an impression on me and inspired me to redesign my homepage into something blue warm and nice as the see and sky are.

Update: I really liked this ‘relaxing’ homepage style, but it has the time to do another redesign 🙂