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Mini project: Heartbeat Keychain


Heartbeat key-chain is intended to be a small gift that your loved one can carry with her/him wherever she/he goes.
Basically top side of the PCB is touch sensitive and has one RGB LED. When the exposed copper on the top side is touched, the microcontroller detects it and begins to pulse the LED in the heartbeat like pattern.

Bill of material, schematics and source code are available on GitHub.

I am posting render images of the PCB since I’m waiting for the Fab house to manufacture the boards for me.

Board size is 40mm x 36mm


  1. kiran
    kiran 25. November 2015.

    sir i need this model , coz my bae birthday is nearing.. can you please upload the working model video or photo

    • Sasa Karanovic
      Sasa Karanovic 4. December 2015.

      All material for this project is publicly available on GitHub
      I’m sorry but I don’t have more images of this project.

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